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New live drums - Progress on the song Slippery Friction

Adding some live drums to the song Slippery Friction

picture of two men holding guitars behind a drum set

We have been working on a song idea we came up with during a live-stream songwriting session tentatively called "Slippery Friction".

It was just an idea that we thought had some potential. So we started expanding on it and multi-tracking it.

Slippery Friction new live drums session

Here is the song arrangement from this session you can listen to.

In the last recording session, Eric recorded a guitar part for the song.

Here is what we did in this version.

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Originally we were using drum loops

Up to now, the song was using drum loop samples

But after adding the guitar in the last session, the drum loops seemed more like a breakdown than a main beat for the song.

Added live drums

I decided I wanted to use the loop drums we had as breakdowns now for certain parts. 

So Rob recorded a new live drum part for the song.

One thing that happened is during the part where the guitar spikes some chords, Rob came up with a beat that kinda rocks out. It was pretty cool so we kept it in.

Song took kind of a rock turn

We liked the ideas that were happening. But now the guitar and drum parts changed the song's mood. Made it heavier. 

Decided we wanted to see what else we could try.

We got some ideas that we're kicking around to see what more we can do with this and alter its direction again.


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