Added Guitars - Progress on the song Slippery Friction

picture of two men playing instruments

We have been working on a song idea that we came up with during a live-stream songwriting session.

It was just an idea that we thought had some potential. So we started expanding on it and multi-tracking it.

Slippery Friction with guitar session

Here is the song arrangement we have so far that you can listen to.

In the last recording session, we created some drum loops and bass. But felt like it needed some guitars.

Here is what we did in this version.

Added new guitar part

We had Eric lay down some guitar ideas.

We recorded several guitar tracks to use and tried different things with each take. Part of the guitar line was based on a vocal melody idea from another song we're working on.

Chopped up the different guitar tracks into a new one

After the session, I took parts from all of the guitar tracks we recorded and chopped them up into a new line for the song.

Also panned two different guitar parts left and right on the ending because I couldn't decide which version I liked more. So I used both! 😁

Not there yet

I like it as a start. Listening back I want to try spacing out the guitar parts in the next version.


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