Progress on the song idea Slippery Friction

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Previously we had posted about a song idea that we came up with during a live stream songwriting session.

It was just an idea that we thought had some potential after we did the session. So we started expanding on it and multi-tracking it.

Slippery Friction with Drum Samples Session

Here is the song arrangement so far that you can listen to. 

We tentatively called it Slippery Friction just because it needed a name. I asked what we should call it when I created the file for the recording session and Rob just said "Slippery Friction." 

So I was like "Okay?"

(You can watch the original live stream video here - LIVE STREAMS TURNING INTO SONG IDEAS - SLIPPERY FRICTION)

Here is what we did in this version.

Added bass guitar

We shared this recording session in a GitHub Repository. Cliff had recently arranged the clav keys of the two different parts I recorded into a song structure from that. 

Then he tracked multiple potential bass parts.

Searching for a beat loop

After Cliff had done that, I wanted to spend some time with it to see what else the song could do. And one thing I wanted to try was finding a beat to loop. Something random to see what it would do to the song.

So I headed over to to look for something that was at the same 86 BPM tempo. I found a few and ended up using two of them.

Beat loops I used

hats_peace.wav -

Scratched Beats 009 -

I messed with these loops a bit in the Ardour DAW and ended up EQing the crap out of them. 

I also had to edit the "scratched beats 009" loop a bit because it actually wasn't on time with 86 BPM as it was labeled. It was just a bit off.

Needs more of course

And that is where the song is at so far.

I think it needs a guitar line next.


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