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A band that makes abstract deconstruction music.

An experiment in playing music and trying to come up with something else.

Lorenzo’s Music is:

  • Tom Ray - Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
  • Rob Gugle - Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
  • Cliff Hammer - Bass, Guitar
  • Eric Brusewitz - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Short description

Here’s a short band description that’s a copy and paste type thing

Lorenzo’s Music is a creative commons band from Madison WI. Creating music using only open-source tools and software and have created a method to use GitHub for music as a collaborative platform.

The music library has been used in video games, short films, and podcasts. They are also the only band to have ever been featured on Forbes.

Long Description

Here is a train of thought description of the band that was transcribed from a discussion we had on one of our live stream sessions.

Lorenzo's Music itself takes an angle of being very abstract in a way that we deconstruct music out of quick melodies and song structures that we come up with. And to us, that thought is super exciting because it makes it fun to compose it and makes it what we want to do. And at the same time, a way to challenge ourselves.

As creators, when we start maybe it'll be just a fun riff, and yes it could be a song. But at its core, it just doesn't seem as exciting left at that.

And what we like to do is take something - like that idea, but once we share the recordings with each other and break it down it will still have that echo of what it was originally. But it's not going to be that straightforward idea it came from. Because that's what we like to do.

It probably turns off as many people as it turns on to our songs. Almost like it's not super accessible by design.

What we're making is not linear. It keeps getting mulched up and ground up until we finally get this part that's not recognizable from what the song started out as. It's fascinating to us to listen to how it can evolve.

That again goes back to deconstruction and abstract music. We mean that in the form of art and creating.

And that has even happened to the point that we are deconstructing everything right now because of the way we have to record. Chopping up recorded parts and moving them around in the song like a collage.

The deconstruction and abstract is so much so, we don't even record in the same room together a lot of the time - sharing the recoding sessions on Github with each other and working remotely on them. But we still try to find a way to create as a group in that method. 

If the pandemic hadn't actually forced us to figure out this recording process this would have just been a great experiment I wish I would have been able to think of on my own. Like an ultimate expression or art form of deconstruction as music.

It's kind of like William S. Burroughs cutting up different things that he did and pasting them together when he made the book Naked Lunch. His was a collage of words and what we're doing now it's a collage of music.

When thinking of what our music is, do we call it indie rock? Do we call it alternative? Is it experimental rock? Art Rock?

Even when we record music while we were in the room together we all have access to these tracks on our Github repository to work on at home. We'll take the part and cut it up into something that's new and different or what we want or didn't know we wanted from how it started.

The thing that drives it is a general intuition of how we want the song to go as we're even listening to what we have to work with. And it is never what is expected. We just try to keep inspired. It's even experimental to try and find the vibe of what one person changed or came up with through the process of writing the song in this audio deconstruction.

It's just something that feels natural to want to do when we create.

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Lorenzo's Music "Spaghetti Mid-Western" available now! - listen anywhere you stream music https://bit.ly/spaghettimidwesternep


This work by Lorenzo's Music is licensed under creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0