Live streams turning into song ideas - Slippery Friction

We've been doing live streams of our songwriting sessions at our studio from our Twitch channel. We just turn on the camera and try out ideas and see where they take us each week.

We took a clip from one of those sessions that we liked recently and posted it on our YouTube channel.

We gave this song idea a random name called "Slippery Friction" and decided to build on it.

Here is the progress so far...

1. Slippery Friction Clav Sound (Live Stream Clip)

It was Tom playing a part on the keys using the clav sound, Cliff played bass and Rob just started doing a beat.

2. Slippery friction loop - clav & bass

We liked this little snippet of an idea from the live session and decided to try and build on it.

We've started posting the progress of what it's become since then as YouTube shorts.

The first one is the main idea with the clav keys and bass

3. Slippery friction loop - clav and bass with a beat

Then added a beat to it.

4. Slippery friction loop - variations on the theme

After doing all this we recorded the other part that came up during the live session video. The song broke up a bit from the main theme and had a more sparse groove.

That's what has come from this session so far.

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