Try it Looney Tunes style? (Live Stream Clip)

 We've been doing live streams of our songwriting sessions at our studio from our Twitch channel. We just turn on the camera and try out ideas and see where they take us each week.

We took a clip from one of those sessions that we liked recently and posted it on our YouTube channel.

Try it Looney Tunes style? (Live Stream Songwriting Clip)

On a previous live stream songwriting session, we came up with a song we tentatively called Slippery Friction.

We liked it and started actually arranging and recording it. But the song needed a bridge part. So we started trying out ideas for what it could be. While we worked on it Rob hopped behind another set of keys we had in the studio and Cliff played bass.  

Inspiration from the song "Powerhouse"

The first idea I thought we should try was the change that happens in the song "Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott

It's a song that was used in a few of the old Looney Tunes cartoons.

We tried a few ideas just loosely based on the Ramond Scott ideas for the bridge. Not sure if it's right yet but it's a start.

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