Music video progress: Blender on Ubuntu sound playback issue fixed!

How I fixed the issue I was having with audio in Blender on Ubuntu

I've been animating a music video in Blender Grease Pencil because I wanted to learn how to use it. 

But in a previous video, I was having a super annoying problem with the audio as I was animating the lip-syncing. The sound kept crapping out on me.

After posting that video update I actually got a lot of really good comments and emails and messages sent to me from people trying to help fix the issue which I thought was really cool! 

In this video, I'm gonna take a look at what finally worked and why it's specific to Blender on Linux and Ubuntu in particular.


You can check out some of the animated scenes I posted here - ANOTHER 5 YOUTUBE SHORTS FROM OUR BLENDER GREASE PENCIL MUSIC VIDEO PROJECT

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