Another 5 YouTube Shorts from our Blender Grease Pencil Music Video Project

Some progress scenes from the music video we're making in Blender Grease Pencil

I mentioned in an earlier video how this whole idea started. I wanted to try making a music video using the Blender animation software

I had never used it before and figured this was a good way to learn.

So as the song was being recorded I started animating the video one line at a time and sharing the progress as YouTube shorts.


I'm getting close to the end of making this music video now and wanted to share some of the key scenes that I have before it's finished.

Scene 11

"Squeezing all the life out of a lousy two-day pass"

This one actually got the most views on YouTube so far. I think what I like about this one is, until now the pencil sketch man has been singing into the phone with his eyes closed. In this video, his eyes open for a brief second and he looks off in the distance.

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Scene 12

"I had a cold one"

In the next scene the pencil sketch man's eyes start to close as he continues to tell his story into the payphone.

Scene 16

"I just can't make it by myself"

In this scene the pencil sketch man is getting ready for the final chorus of the song.

Scene 17

"Shore leave"

I'm in the process of animating the last chorus now. With the way the vocals in the song start to let loose I thought that the pencil sketch man might need to accent this energy by bending down to yell it.

Scene 18

"Shooooore leeeeeave!"

Then he stands up holding the phone away from his face and continues to yell out the chorus.

Just about finished with the video

I only have a few scenes left to go for this music video project. I will post the finished version when it's done.

I've been happy with this so far and I think I might do another one when this is finished.

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