5 more music video scenes animated - Shore Leave

Animated more scenes for our version of "Shore Leave" in Blender Grease Pencil

I had mentioned in a previous video that I got the idea to turn the song we're working on "Shore Leave" by Tom Waits into video shorts. 

I'm drawing them and releasing them as I go using the free animation software Blender.

Previously, I had finished scenes 1 and 2.

This time I have a collection of scenes 3 through 7 done.

Scene 3

"A shore leave wristwatch beneath my sleeve"

The camera has zoomed in on the pencil sketch man as he continues to sing the song into a payphone motioning to the person on the other end.

Scene 4

"I rolled down the gutter to the blood bank"

Pencil sketch man starts to get more comfortable singing into the phone and his arms accent the rhythm of what he's saying as he looks into the phone.

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Scene 5

"I was in bad need of a shave"

A slight bounce while talking before grabbing the phone with both hands.

Scene 6

"I slopped on the corner on cold chow mein"

The arms continue to shift up and down while still holding the phone with both hands.

Scene 7

"I bought a long sleeve shirt with some horses on the front"

In this scene, I did a long pan of pencil sketch man's body from the feet up to his face. This is what happens during this part in the Tom Waits movie "Big Time". So I was trying to stay true to that.

More on the way!

I've got more scenes for this music video on the way. I started this because I've always wanted to record this song in Lorenzo's Music style. Also, I've wanted to learn how to use Blender for a long time so it was a way to do both!

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