Greyhounds, David Hidalgo and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos & Lorenzo's Music - June 23, 2024

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Greyhounds, Steve Berlin, David Hidalgo (of Los Lobos) and Lorenzo's Music

June 23, 2024, at The Gamma Ray Bar in Madison WI.

We have the absolute honor of playing a show with the fantastic band Greyhounds

Not only that but accompanying them for the show will be Steve Berlin and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos! (I'm sorry to keep using exclamation points but c'mon! All this deserves it!)

This show by itself is a reason to be excited. 

But here's the thing -- one of the biggest influences behind Rob and I originally starting Lorenzo's Music in the first place is the music of Los Lobos and the discovery of the many musical side-projects of David Hidalgo.

We were really trying to find what we wanted to do musically when we discovered the Latin Playboys album. We pretty much said, "Yes let's try and do music like that". 

Soon after that, the Los Lobos Colossal Head album came out, Then later the Houndogs album and we just kept finding more and more to be influenced by.

So yeah, this show is an especially cool thing for us 😊


Tickets to the show are available here - Greyhounds, Steve Berlin, David Hidalgo & Lorenzo's Music June 23 - Gamma Ray Bar

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