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In the latest episode of Lorenzo's Music Podcast, I talk with Alex Girard, a multi-talented musician from Illinois who is involved in numerous bands.

Alex Girard has been playing guitar in several bands, including NoRobot, The Dusty Lemons, and Escape Rope. 

NoRobot, celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year. The band has gone through various phases, from jam rock to funk, and now punk rock.

The Dusty Lemons, on the other hand, is a band that embraces a more theatrical approach. Inspired by professional wrestling, the band members adopt personas and stage antics.

Escape Rope, the newest addition to Alex's musical repertoire, leans towards emo hardcore alternative punk. The band came together quickly, with members who are seasoned musicians from the local scene. They have already recorded an EP and are gearing up for its release.

Alex talks about how he manages to keep up with all these bands. From booking gigs to remembering different sets of songs.

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