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The latest episode of the Lorenzo's Music podcast features an intriguing conversation with Erik Pisor, aka Gagmesharkoff, a San Diego-based one-man band DIY artist.

Erik's story is not your typical musician's tale. With a self-described "ghetto setup," he records all his music on an iPhone and uses whatever instruments he can find, including children's toys and household items. His approach strips music production down to its most authentic and innovative core, proving that you don't need a state-of-the-art studio to create something.

His music was unexpectedly featured in a promotional video for a K-pop band, a testament to the power of music and its ability to travel through the most unexpected channels.

We discuss the philosophy behind Erik's choice to use the moniker Gagmesharkoff, a name with personal and local significance, rather than his own.

Erik offers a glimpse into his creative process, from finding inspiration in everyday life to the technical aspects of recording with minimal equipment.


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