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Spread Joy - Briana Hernandez, From Karaoke BBQs to European Tours - Lorenzo's Music Podcast

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On this episode of the Lorenzo's Music Podcast, I meet Briana Hernandez of Spread Joy, a Chicago-based punk band.

Briana, the band's vocalist (or as she puts it, "vocalist screamer thingsonger"), shares the beginnings of Spread Joy from a backyard barbecue in Chicago. A spontaneous performance of Leonard Cohen's "Diamond in the Mind" by Briana caught the attention of the band, setting in motion the formation of a band that none of them quite anticipated.

Brianna recounts the band's journey with a mix of humor and honesty, from their initial reluctance to the exhilarating decision to embrace the band life. She opens up about the challenges they faced, like forming a band right before the pandemic and turning that obstacle into an opportunity by creating their first record.

The conversation delves into the band's artistic influences, with Briana drawing parallels between their background in printmaking and poetry and the creative process of writing punk music. She explains how the band's sound is rooted in classic late seventies and early eighties female-driven post-punk, resonating with her own artistic sensibilities.

We also learn about Spread Joy's relationship with Feel It Records, the label that took a chance on them after a cold call comment on their website. This partnership has led to multiple vinyl pressings and a growing following for the band.

Briana discusses why Spread Joy releases their music under Creative Commons. She passionately argues for the free movement of creativity and the importance of acknowledging the collective history that influences every artist.


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