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Rrrrrose Azerty - Parisian Creative Commons Electronica - Lorenzo's Music Podcast

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In the latest episode of the Lorenzo's Music Podcast, we're taken on an auditory journey to Paris, France, where we meet Rrrrrose Azerty, an electronic music artist with a passion for Creative Commons. 

Rose has been composing for an impressive 13 years, contributing to video games, podcasts, and movies. Their commitment to sharing music under the Creative Commons license has not only fostered a culture of collaboration but also posed its own set of unique challenges.

Rose recalls the early days of their musical career, playing guitar every day, and eventually recording their first album. They speak fondly of the early days of finding creative commons music sites like Jamendo and the Free Music Archive, platforms. Although these sites have evolved over time, they continue to serve as crucial resources for creative commons artists like Rrrrrose.

Rrrrrose also talks about their reasons for sticking to the Creative Commons zero license and their belief in the freedom of art.

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