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In this episode of the Lorenzo's Music Podcast, I talk with hip-hop artist Donnie Ozone.

Donnie Ozone began his musical journey by remixing acapella tracks on CC Mixter, a platform that fosters collaboration among musicians through Creative Commons licensing. This led him to release music on Soundcloud and eventually team up with the blocSonic netlabel, where he continues to drop fresh tracks and even hosts the blocSonic podcast Tha Bloc Report.

In this episode, Donnie opens up about his musical process, from the equipment he uses to the techniques he employs to create those hip-hop drum sounds.

Donnie also shares his experiences with collaborations, revealing how he uses platforms like Fiverr to connect with other artists and professionals to bring his musical vision to life.

The episode wraps up with a look into Donnie's future projects, including his plans to release a series of singles and possibly an EP or album with blocSonic.

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