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How we turn our 3 camera live stream into a music video with OBS Studio & Kdenlive

During our songwriting live streams on our Twitch channel, the video captures each of us on 3 cameras on the same screen.

After the live stream, we take the raw footage into the free video editor Kdenlive to create music videos.

We zoom and crop each angle, then deftly splice the tracks to switch cameras and spotlight key moments. The final edit bounces between band members as they play, making a video that showcases the band in a music video for our YouTube channel.

Open-source software we use for video

We do a songwriting live stream

The way we do it is we have three cameras set up in different places, pointing at different musicians in the band.

We stream that live, and we just kind of make stuff up, and a lot of the time, it actually inspires us to create a new song from one of these sessions.

This three-camera setup is kind of cool for the live stream because you can just look at everybody that's playing.

We wanted to make music videos out of these live streams

We could take these live streams and just share them as is with the three cameras on YouTube.

But I wanted to make something that looked like we were switching cameras, something that would just go from musician to musician, and if something happened or somebody did something, we could show that part.

So I used Kdenlive, a free and open-source video editing program, to make these live streams an actual video that could be a YouTube music video.

And the results turned out pretty cool!

So I thought I would share how I'm doing this, taking a live stream that has three cameras and turning it into a music video.

Our latest song

Lorenzo's Music "Rainy day friction" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music Click here to listen


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