"With you" song inspiration Spotify/YouTube Exclusive Music Podcast

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We're trying out a new thing here for our podcast.

This episode is a playlist of songs we collected for inspiration while recording our song "With you" which is out now.

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Music inspiration for the song "With you"

Each time we work on a song we create a playlist of music for inspiration and ideas for the song. 

By the time we're finished with the song we always have this great eclectic curated playlist.

We thought it would be cool to play these songs and talk about why we chose them.

This is a Spotify-exclusive music podcast

This is a Spotify-exclusive show and only those with a Spotify subscription will be able to listen to the full versions of the songs. 

Spotify has given us the opportunity to play the music by all these different artists for the show that normally we wouldn't have the rights to play in a podcast.


We found a way to make it available to all on YouTube!

I'm experimenting with an idea I had to get around playing the show for people without Spotify subscriptions.

I recorded my talking segments and uploaded them to YouTube then added them in between the music in our playlist.

So you can just start the playlist and the talking segments and songs will play one after the other.

I was pretty excited about that!


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