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Remix our latest 6 songs for Netlabel Day on July 14th!

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Play that soundtrack idea (Live Stream Clip)

Here is a clip from one of our live songwriting sessions on our Twitch channel. We just turn on the camera and try out ideas and see where they take us.

This is a clip from one of those sessions we posted to our YouTube Channel.

Play that soundtrack idea (Live Stream Clip)

This is part of the series of songs we've been creating for a film soundtrack.

Expanding on a musical theme

While working on the first song for a movie soundtrack. One night we expanded on the idea.

We liked where it was going and decided it might work really well for this second song for the project.

Let's see where it goes

We take a few of the ideas we got from that session and try them out together in the room together to see what happens.


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Our latest song

Lorenzo's Music "Rainy day friction" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music Click here to listen


This work by Lorenzo's Music is licensed under creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0