Trying to write a theatrical bridge part (Live Stream Clip)

We've been doing live streams of our songwriting sessions from our studio on our Twitch channel. We just turn on the camera and try out ideas and see where they take us.

Here is a clip from one of those sessions we posted to our YouTube Channel.

Trying to write a theatrical bridge part (Live Stream Clip)

It needs something?

We have a theme song that we've been working on for a film. After arranging the song it still needed something. Something in between the verse and chorus that was way different than what was going on in the song.

Cliff, Rob, and I were in the studio doing a live stream and I thought we could try and test out some ideas.

Just try something

The last time we tried an idea for this song I said "What if we did Looney Tunes style?"

This time around I wanted to see what would happen if I said make a theatrical change.

Rob got behind the other keyboard we had in the room and I tried to do something more melodic on my keyboard. And Cliff tried out different ideas on the bass.

Still not there

We knew it wasn't going to be exactly what we needed. But playing it live on the video stream made us have to think on our feet and try something different.


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