Down time: guitars, drums and bass multi-track (Live Stream Clip)

 We've been doing live streams of our songwriting sessions from our studio on our Twitch channel. We just turn on the camera and try out ideas and see where they take us.

Here is a clip from one of those sessions we posted to our YouTube Channel.

Down time: guitars, drums, and bass multi-track (Live Stream Clip)

This is a live video edited into a song from multiple parts

We recorded and edited this songwriting session from a live video stream that was originally about 30 minutes long.

We also recorded the instrument tracks in our Ardour recording software as we streamed the video. 

So we were able to chop all of that up to create this song idea video from all of this.

Editing the video for the song

During the live stream, we recorded the bass and guitar parts. When we were done doing that, then Rob recorded a drum part as we listened back to the recording.

After the live stream ended, I downloaded the video. 

I used the video editor Kdenlive to match the video parts where we were playing with the audio tracks we recorded.

I also layered the cameras into different sections to match the multi-track parts we had.


Here is how the song came about.

It started with a bass line

Rob and I were in the studio working on ideas for a movie soundtrack project. There was a scene that was supposed to have a kind of a passing-of-time feel.

I had an up-down bass line I wrote on the keyboard that hit on the beat of each measure.

Added a guitar part

I asked Rob to think of some random guitar hits to go along with it. Something that would add sort of a sporadic tension to the bass line.

Then a brush drum part

After we recorded the guitar and bass, Rob had an idea to add a shuffling rhythm to the tracks we just recorded using various brushes on his drums.

What fell from the amp in the video?

You'll notice in the video something falls off of the guitar amp that Rob is using. He set his tuning fork on it and when he switched sounds on the guitar pedal he was using it vibrated off and hit the mic in front of the amp.

All in all...

I like the idea and it's just a rough take on it for now. But it for sure went in the direction I wanted it to.


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