Hey Ocarina (Live Stream Clip)

We took another clip from one of our live Twitch Channel songwriting sessions we did and posted it on our YouTube channel.

We just turn on the camera and try out new ideas and see what we come up with.

Hey Ocarina (Live Stream Clip)

Sometimes to come up with an idea I just look for a sound on my keyboard by just spinning the dial it has to scroll through sounds and use what it lands on.

What if we tried an Ocarina sound?

This time it landed on the Ocarina sound. 

I only know the Ocarina from the Legend of Zelda game Ocarina of Time

picture of game box artwork with sword and text
By May be found at the following website: https://www.pidgi.net/wiki/File:Box_NA_-_The_Legend_of_Zelda_Ocarina_of_Time.jpg, Fair use, Link

So I wondered... can we play something using this sound? I kinda felt that we could.


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