Goofin' Live: Rumble Fish Style (Live Stream Clip)

We've been doing live streams of our songwriting sessions from our studio on our Twitch channel. We just turn on the camera and try out ideas and see where they take us.

Here is a clip from one of those sessions we posted to our YouTube Channel.

Rumble Fish Style (Live Stream Clip)

One of the things I wanted to try was something that sounded like the soundtrack for the 1983 movie Rumble Fish.

We had not listened to the soundtrack or anything but we were familiar with it. It's an interesting collaboration with the drummer from The Police, Stewart Copeland, and Stan Ridgway from Wall of Voodoo.

image with illustrations of people and text
By IMP Awards / 1983 Movie Poster Gallery / Rumble Fish Poster (#1 of 2), Fair use, Link

We just ran with the idea

Basically, I remembered that Ridgway played a lot of harmonica on the tracks so I just used a harmonica sound. 

And Rob did his Copeland on the drums. 

We came up with something that we thought kinda sounded the part.


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