Setting up our studio | Test run "Where did it go" | Tom, Rob Cliff Session

Setting up our studio for more live streams and recordings

As we've been getting in the swing of playing in the same room together again we decided to look into doing more live stream recordings and shows.

We've been working on setting up our studio for that.

From the video

The sound setup we have so far for streaming live music

Right now we are mainly working on the sound going into the OBS streaming software on our Ubuntu Studio laptop.

picture of laptop on a table running OBS software

We got the drum mics going into one board. 

picture of man behind drums with a mixing board

Then we have a mainboard for the PA system that goes into along with the vocals, keys, and bass. 

picture of a sound mixing board for music with arm turning a knob

That PA is sending out 2-channels to the 4-channel Behringer UMC USB Audio/Midi sound card we have connected to the laptop that's running OBS for video.

picture of a sound card on a table with mic cords

The sound levels from all of this took us a while.

Test run playing the song "Where did it go" as a trio

Since it was just the three of us, Tom, Cliff, and Rob in this session, we test it out with our song "Where did it go" from our Rom-Comm Mixtape.

picture of 3 guys playing music in a studio with instruments

You can hear the mixtape version of this song "Where did it go" on our YouTube channel -

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