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A series of gifs - Creating Animated gifs for our music video "With you" using FlipaClip

I recently did an animated video that was made entirely out of gifs and it was for a song that was called "With you".

One of the things I did when I was making the song itself was just kind of drawing some stuff. I had this character that I did once when I was just trying to do some animation in a program called Blender while we were doing our Spaghetti Mid-Western EP.

I was just trying to do an animation idea and I thought I might want to do a video for it. Then the EP was finished and I was still learning how to do Blender and it got kind of backed up so I never did.

This character is from that.

image of gif animation illustration

I had been reading some old 1950s four-color mystery/ghost comics and I watch a lot of old monster movies and things like that. I wanted to do something in that realm.

While we were recording this song "With you" I was using a program on my tablet called FlipaClip which lets you make gif animations. So what I had done is I drew these pictures and I decided to bring them into FlipaClip and make these gif animations.

These are different scenes from it and all these are pretty much between two and three seconds. I just animated certain parts like starting out here with the car. 

animated gif car illustration

It's just going over a hill. I drew the background and then I drew the car. I had it come up from behind the background and that was about it.

Then the next scene I did this guy here driving. 

animated gif illustration car interior

I drew the interior, I drew the guy and animated him blinking. Its kind of like each one of these are comic book panels but they're animated. 

It's sort of a throwback to not only the old monster movies and the old comic books but there was a series of Marvel Comics animated cartoons that was put out where what they did is they actually brought in comics that were drawn by Jack Kirby and they would just take pieces of it and do camera tricks that made it look like it was animated. And that's what this does.

Just like here, the car is just sitting there static but a bird is flying in the background creating the mood.

animated flipaclip gif illustration artwork

And then this one's just a quick little head turn.

animated gif illustration head turn flipaclip

Here the woman standing in the doorway of the mausoleum or whatever call it where you bury people, I forget.

animated gif illustration flipaclip

But that's where she's standing up there looking at him and the only thing I did is I animated the hair and the dress and the rest of it's just a static background.

This one's actually probably one of the few complex scenes.

Animated gif illustration artwork flipaclip walking

It has three layers. I drew a background I have the guy and the guy blinks first, then he moves up and down like he's going to take a step and then moves forward and the light turns on.

They all happen one after the other to give like make it look like tons of stuff is happening.

animated gif illustration artwork flipaclip

Here's another one where the guy walking away.

animated gif illustration flipaclip
All these different things are just gifs that I created using FlipaClip
animated gif illustration flipaclip

animated gif illustration flipaclip

animated gif illustration flipaclip
and then of course the driving away scene.
animated gif illustration flipaclip
You can check out the finished animated video for "With you" here!

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