Divan Japonais Micro-Bar Promotional Commercial in Italy

We were contacted by Federico Loreto from an Agency called Lab Photoagency who talked to us about using one of our tracks from our Rom-Comm Mixtape in a commercial they were putting together for a micro bar in Italy called Divan Japonias.

We told him we would love for them to use one of our songs.

When the commercial was finished they sent us a copy and to our surprise, the track they ended up using was actually one of the in-between soundscapes from the mixtape called "All have sax in an open night club doorway".

We thought that was kind of fantastic! Normally intros to our songs or the songs themselves are used but this is the first time that a soundscape we created was used in a video like this!

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This work by Lorenzo's Music is licensed under creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0