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Where did it go - Tom Ray Live Stream Solo Performance

This clip is from a full live stream performance I did on our YouTube channel

There are a couple weird things about this song called "Where did it go" from our release Rom-Comm Mixtape

I have a sample in it that is a cricket sound. And the cricket actually keeps the tempo with a lot of parts in it. It comes in and out as the song goes on. 

But when we did the song live I didn't have a way to use a cricket sample for it when we played. We tried so many different things and then the closest I could come to is this set of wooden sticks because it was the same tone as the cricket. so I started using those when we played live. 

The other weird thing about the song is the lyrics were written while I was riding my bike. There's an interesting story behind this. 

There's a line in the song that goes:

"concentrating hard like a little girl smoking for the first time

And it was because as I was riding my bike one day there were these two girls that were sitting by this stop sign near a park on a street corner. 

They were probably in their early teens and as they were sitting there they were clearly trying cigarettes for the first time. I saw them doing it it was so obvious I could tell just by looking at them that's what they were doing. they were looking around seeing if anybody was there. 

first of all, hide if you're worried about getting caught smoking don't sit on the corner at a stop sign. I thought that was funny. 

But all of it just reminded me of trying things like that for the first time and not being able to relive those moments. 

So while I was biking I had the microphone on my headphones connected to my phone I was coming up with the lyrics as I continued to ride recording it to my phone. 

And that was the one line that I had and kind of based the rest on that. The whole thing is about stuff that you experience and you don't appreciate it until later on.

You can view the whole live stream performance on YouTube

- Tom

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