S01 Episode 1: Cheyenne Hohman, Free Music Archive - Lorenzo's Music Podcast

This is the first episode of our new podcast. The Lorenzo’s Music Podcast. This is a show about people who make music, promote music or video or people who like to make things. Stuff like that.

This Episode I talk to Cheyenne Hohman from the Free Music Archive, a site that has been one of the biggest sources where people have discovered music that is free to use in videos, films, mobile app projects and more.

Soon after we recorded this interview, Cheyanne found out that the site would be ending it’s long run and shutting down. Which is a huge loss for musicians all over the world.
But Cheyenne has done so much to support music that I wanted to focus on her as a music fan. So this episode is a tribute to what she's done.


How to search the FMA after it's gone

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