Call out for Remixers, Musicians, and Producers!

Remix our latest 6 songs for Netlabel Day on July 14th!

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Call out for remixers

Are you a musician? Do you remix music?

We're looking for musicians to collaborate with.

We know a lot of you also make music. We've seen some amazing work out there and even connected with you on SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook and other places.

Since this is the internet, we wanted to take this opportunity to use it artistically and reach out to collaborate with other talented musicians in the world.

The fact that we can actually have our work creatively changed by someone we've never been in the same room with before? That is just such a cool concept.

That's what we want to try. That is where this musical world is going. Borderless participation and music creation.

We would like to hear what you can do.

We want to hear what kind of talent is out there. What other creative minds would do if they had the original audio stems of our songs.

Remix, reuse, add to, strip down, redo them how you hear it. How it sounds in your mind.

There is no style or track requirements for the outcome of your remixes. We want you to express how it should sound in your own way.

It doesn't have to stop there. We want to work with more people all over the world and continue making music and exploring new ways to create it and people to work with on it.

Show us what you got and let's create some music.

If you are interested in collaborating musically with us send us a message

Our latest song

Lorenzo's Music "Rainy day friction" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music Click here to listen


This work by Lorenzo's Music is licensed under creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0