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Picture it all - animated version

An animation student from Korea made a music video of us for a school project.

Watch the video on YouTube

A few months back we were contacted by a student from the Korea Animation High School.

In the email, it said they were inspired by our song "Hot Water Avalanche" from the album Solamente Tres Palabras and asked if they could make an animated video of our song "Picture it all".

They told us they were going to make the video as a project for school using a rotoscoping technique where animators trace over live footage, frame by frame, for animated films.

They asked us if this was ok? Since our music is licensed under Creative Commons I told them they didn't even need to ask and it sounded pretty cool. Said to them that would be great!

I said to let us know when they finished because we would love to see it.

Months passed and I had kind of forgotten all about it.

Then I woke up one morning and there was an email from a name I sort of recognized. It was the student in Korea.

They had finished the project and sent us a link.

It was amazing! We were so floored by this we wanted to share it with you.

Our latest song

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This work by Lorenzo's Music is licensed under creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0