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An interesting story about our one degree of separation from the movie Hardcore Henry

We are not connected with the film “Hardcore Henry” in any way. But I do have an interesting story about how I met the creator of the film through his band Biting Elbows.

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It all started on a creative commons music podcast I do called Music Manumit.

About a year ago back in January of 2015. I did an interview on my podcast with Ilya Naishuller from The Biting Elbows.

They're based out of Russia and they had two videos they released for their songs "The Stampede" and "Bad Motherfucker".

They're shot in the first person shooter style and they’re pretty amazing.

So when I had him on the podcast we were going to just be talking about his band Biting Elbows.

But he was in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign to take the concept of what he does in his music videos to make it a full-length feature film.

This ended up becoming the film "Hardcore Henry" which was released this year in theaters across the country.

I was so interested in his music we decided to do a cover of their song "The Stampede" which was released under a Creative Commons license.

Here is the original video by Biting Elbows

Below is our version

To mix things up a bit we wrote our version more in the style of the spy song Peter Gunn from 1959 by Henry Mancini.

You can download this song for an email


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