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Ten years ago we started over

It recently occurred to me that 10 years ago we released the album "Solamente Tres Palabras".

This wasn't our first album officially. We had two before this. But it really was the first album that turned us into what we are today.

Technically the band broke up after our second album. On August 4, 2001, to be exact. You want to know why I remember that? Because it was the day the actor Lorenzo Music died.

How strange is that?! The guy that inspired the name of the band, died the day we parted ways.

To be honest, the years after that, the band wasn't officially gone, it was just me. I kept it going, trying out new things, new music, looking for something.

I had worked with several musicians during this time but nothing panned out. Still writing songs.

Then one day Mark had reached out again. He heard I had been continuing to write and so had he.

Mark, who had been the bass player up until now, was looking to make guitar his main instrument. So we got together in this tiny little cement room below a bus company I had been renting out to record in. We sat and played what we had been working on for one another to hear.

The excitement came back. We both wanted to be part of the new sounds and ideas the other was doing. It was so different than the origins that we come from.

The concept was still there, which was play anything.

The original point when Lorenzo's Music started was just that: Tastes and music change -- so should we. Not just as a band, but song to song.

That's what we (re)set out to do 10 years ago with the making of that album. And I think we still try to accomplish that. It still motivates me to continue to this day.


p.s. - You can listen to the album and download it here.

Our latest song

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