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Seemed easier than it was


Technology for a songwriting tool is great. I love it. It's come a long way since the times of crappy 4 track recordings.

We can come to a practice and play a fully fleshed out idea. Worked on from home with drum sounds & instruments already tweeked. Expressing the sound we want represented in our head.

Don't get me wrong, nothing can compare to a full band arrangement. Writing on a computer can be almost too easy sometimes.

Mark, recorded a draft for a song. When we listened it seemed pretty straight forward. Then we tried to break it down in sections.

The drum line on the digital sketch, while easy to program, turned out to be a complex 16 bar loop. This is where it gets interesting.

While the beat was easy to create on screen, it was not something compatible to human coordination off the bat. Rob discovered that while trying to play it.

This is where the merging of technology & man made music is fantastic in my opinion!

Rob, now trying to figure out this combination, is opening his skill set to a whole new approach. A rhythm he would not have come up with organically.

This is why I don't say making music on a computer is killing creativity in music. Just don't solely rely on it. Building from it as a tool.


Our latest song

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