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Limelight Sessions 1 - A night of trial & error

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Last night we tried recording a take of a new song "Put it in the limelight".

We ran though it a few times and really were getting a good feel and thought it was time to get it recorded. Everything was good. Then the night became riddled with errors.

First the 1/2 inch reel to reel

We wanted to get a nice analog feel that we thought the song needed.

We hooked up the half inch reel to reel we had, but when we ran it, it didn't record.

Everything was hooked up right and the levels were good but on playback, nothing was there. Which is weird because we had used it before.

Next the 1/4 inch reel to reel

Ok. No problem, we also had a quarter inch reel to reel.

Hooked that up to everything and played the song again. It also looked like it had recorded the take.

But when we played that one back, the sound was really muffled and only 1 track recorded.

Think it was either the recording heads needed to be cleaned or the tape was too old. Which can be a problem recording to tape.

On to the Alesis digital recorder 

Alright, audio tape wasn't working. So we then hooked up the digital Alesis drive.

That worked when we tested it for sound. Great!

Then when we hit record to finally run this take-- it it said the hard drive was full!

We tried rebooting it. The old "Turn it off & turn it on again", but now it wouldn't reboot.

After doing this several times I took out the hard drive and blew on it like an old Nintendo game cartridge and popped it back in just as a joke.

It actually started up right away! Even said there was 28 minutes free on the drive now?

Ran through the song and it recorded. But I was actually worried about using this machine.

We've tried to use this digital drive before and it's had this really weird flaw.

When you listen back to the recording it always sounded too clean. Too digitally perfect. To the point where it was almost kinda creepy. It has a tendency to take a live session and make it seem flat and lifeless.

I was afraid this was going to be the case again. But at this point the amount of bumps that we hit in the evening out weighed the risk it would happen again.

We had tuned in to a really good grove for the song and I was worried we might lose the sound we were getting this night.

When listening back, it was nice and raw. It sounded really good.

We don't know if it was the minimal mic set up we used? Or, if the mixer pre-amp we chose had enough tube feel this time? But it was sounding nice!

Even the acoustic guitar had a warm tone and the bass was full and deep.

Next we just need to add some of the other instrumentation with the rest of the group & vocals.


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