Paper Walls

Since we released our version of a Biting Elbows cover, decided to get back to the catalog of ideas we have and move on a new song.

Mark has a few that have been waiting to go. Rob and I also just rediscovered song that was hiding in the back of my hard drive waiting to be reworked.

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Song was a creation in three parts and that's how it sounded. Part 1, part 2 then part 3 and so on. Never felt right so we said we'd come back to it. Never did. Then last week it was found again.

Learning from recent single releases and cover songs, able to look at it in new light. And last night made a breakthrough. Super excited about it. But not finished yet.

The greatest part is the creation. We covered the studio walls with paper from an industrial roll that Rob had found and started just writing ideas, structure & lyrics all over the walls.

The hardest thing to decide is which to focus on first. Its become more contest to see what will win.


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