Friend of ours has his own reality TV show

Edge of Alaska

Years ago, A friend of Mark's named Jeremy Keller, came into town.
He was hitchhiking around the country and living in a tent. When he passed through Mark asked him to manage the band for a while.

Makes sense right?

He was a mad man. In a good way, but crazy nonetheless.

After a few short months of him managing us he decided to pack up his tent and go to Alaska.
Never really knew why?

Fast forward to present day:
He's still out there (in Alaska that is). And somehow, now has a spot on a new Discovery Channel reality series called "Edge of Alaska".

Jeremy Keller : Discovery Channel:
"Having hitchhiked over 20,000 miles across the country in search of a place to escape the evils of modern day society, Jeremy Keller eventually landed in McCarthy, Alaska. With high hopes of being completely self-reliant, Jeremy has spent the last 15 years creating a self-sustaining farmstead with his wife and two sons. Determined to provide a safe and uncorrupted environment for himself and his family, Jeremy will stop at nothing to protect Alaska’s best-kept secret from the rest of the world."

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