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The ProTravel Carry-On & Lorenzo's Music

ProTravel kickstarter -
We were sent this interesting link the other day.

This is a Kickstarter campaign for a travel bag that, in and of itself, seems like a pretty cool bag. And on top of that, with 10 days left at the time of posting this, they are well above the goal they're trying to reach to get these bags made.

All this was cool, but we were still wondering what this was sent to us for? It couldn't just be for our worldly exports.

Then we played the promotional video and were happy to see that they had used our song "Feed The One" from the album BAZAR as the background music!

Always love it when we find out we've become a part of something.

Good luck to Minaal and their ProTravel Carry-On.

Our latest song

Lorenzo's Music "Rainy day friction" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music Click here to listen


This work by Lorenzo's Music is licensed under creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0