Our brush with David Cross, now on Netflix

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This is a funny story that I had forgotten all about, until recently.

Years ago
Our old guitarist Evan Gruzis came practice and told us a story.
The night before he was outside of a bar at the end of the night and a film crew was following comedian David Cross around on the street.

He told us they just started walking up to people asking random questions.
Evan said that they were giving him and his friend a hard time. He got annoyed and told them something like, "I suppose I should just start doing a dance for you to entertain you" or something like that. The whole thing sounded very odd.

I had forgotten all about this story.

Fast forward to now:
I had just finished watching the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix and one of the suggestions to watch next was the David Cross special "Let America Laugh".

So I figured I'd watch it.

About 48 minutes into it, they did a montage of drunk people on the street and that's when Evan appeared on the screen (pictured above, circled in yellow).
Then I remembered the story he had told me. So that was entertaining to see.

One weird side-note 
The closing joke David gives at the end of the special is about a new restaurant at the time called Cosi and their introduction of the square bagel called "The Squagel".

I realized that in the picture above, the bar in our city that Even is pictured in front of, Stillwaters, is no longer there. It's now a Cosi restaurant.

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