Can't wait to release the new single

New single artwork

So, I'm listening to the roughs of the new single that we're working on called "Picture it all" and it's really hard for me not to just post it!
Mark sent me the latest version and I just want to post a copy of what he sent me, even before it's finished.

But they hate it when I do that.

Those of you that are subscribed to our mailing list know I already leaked a live take I recorded on my phone just to get an opinion on it while we were writing it.

I just finished the cover artwork for it, as you can see above, so I thought I could at least post that.
It really kinda fits with the song.

This photo is one I took from a hotel room in Seattle, WA.
Throughout the day this seagull would land at this same spot and just look around, not 20 feet away from my window.
Then fly away.
Then come back later.
Then fly away.
Then come back later.

After about the 4th time I wanted to get a picture of it, just so I could remember it.

I took the picture and that was the end of it.

When I looked at the photo to show somebody later, I realized in the picture that the seagull had turned towards me and cocked it's head and looked back.
Kind of like it was thinking, "What ya doin' there?".

I became another moment on this birds stoop.
I'm another reason that it comes back to this spot.


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