The new Bad Brains album art is our artwork!?

*Updated - 2/08/13*
Actually talked on the phone with Shepard Fairey who did the artwork for the Bad Brains album. We found out after also talking with the designer that did the album art for our earlier EP and Shepard they did both use the same public domain source material for the artwork from a 1933 World's Fair poster and that it was not just from our earlier EP artwork.

I love Bad Brains, I have since I was a kid. I was excited to hear about the new album. I just noticed a weird thing about album cover for it.

It is LITERALLY an upside-down version of the album art for our first EP.

Our EP art
Their album art
I mean it is seriously the same right?!

Now I'm not upset by no means about this, our art and music are all released under CC-BY-SA license which means you can build from and reuse what we make. Although, that does mean that whatever you use needs to be under the same license and attribute to us, the original creators, unless we work out an agreement for other options.

I guess my question is: where did they get the idea for this album artwork? Was it us? I would like to know.

The teenage version of me is super excited by this discovery. Present day version of me is curious and think it would be cool to hear from them about it.

You can get their new album "Into The Future" on their website.

And you can get OUR album with the same artwork here.

P.S. Just a disclaimer - The music for both albums are quite different.

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