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Mark's Top 10 Playlist for September

Sure, we post a lot of our own music. But we thought we'd also like to post some of the music that we've been listening to recently. So we're going to take turns showcasing some songs that we like.

The first playlist is Mark's music picks to date.
  1. Cat Power - silent machine
  2. How To Dress Well - When I Was in Trouble
  3. Jamie Lidell - compass
  4. Yeasayer - Fingers never bleed
  5. Carla Morrison - Me Encanta
  6. Atoms for Peace - default
  7. Blue Sky Black Death - our hearts of ruin
  8. Grizzly Bear - gun shy
  9. AaraabMUZIK - Electronic Dream
  10. The Chromatics - Back from the Grave
  11. Tina Dico - Moon to Let
Yeah it says "top 10", but he snuck one extra song in there.

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Our latest song

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