Cliff's Top 10 Playlist for September

Continuing with our playlist mixes of music we've been listening to.

This time it's our bassist Cliff's turn.
Here are the top 10 songs that he's been diggin' on.
  1. Bread & Water - Ryan Bingham
  2. Missing Pieces - Jack White
  3. Signs & Signifiers - J.D. McPherson
  4. Orpheo Looks Back - Andrew Bird 
  5. Speak In Rounds - Grizzly Bear 
  6. Satellite - The Kills
  7. Blackout - Hometown Sweethearts *(this wasn't on YouTube but left it in the list to prove he picked 10)
  8. Gold On The Ceiling - The Black Keys
  9. Vampire - Dr. Dog
  10. Primitive Girl - M. Ward
Click play, let it run in the background and enjoy!

Let us know what you think of his song choices in the comments below.

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