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Chocolate-and-Cocaine - DEMO VERSION

Chocolate & Cocaine by Lorenzo's Music

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  1. Anthony Edlin5:23 PM

    Nice, great walking tempo and rhythms.

    Only thing that bugs me is the high amount of noise/clipping effect on the vocals, it really just covers/stands out I think from the other instruments. I think it's a good effect for the overall song, but could maybe be tuned down a bit so the vocals come through more. Just IMHO.

    Love your guys music, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Anthony!
    That is one of the things we were wondering about. I know the main thing we were trying to do was create an ethereal type of sound for the vocals to kind of emulate the songs concept. But maybe it might benefit from blending the dry vocals in with the effect a bit more. We'll have to give that a try. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. I Think that your choise to use this voice effect makes the song "easylistening" like, for example, 'voomp boomp' (one of my favorite). For me it's an artificial way to get a natural-different sound and I respect it. Keep it real! Reset Radio loves Lorenzo's Music.
    Hugs from Italy!

  4. Hey Marco! Nice to hear from you again :)

    I gotta say the one comment we get the most on that song is our experimentation with the vocal line. Some love it, some are confused by it. I like that we took this path with it to extend the feel of what the song was. But it is a switch from what people are normally used to hearing.

    Wait until you hear what we got going on with some of the other songs we'll be posting.

    Thanks for the comment, And long live Reset Radio!


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