"Roulette" Nominated For Alternative Song of the Year

The nominations for the Madison Area Music Awards were announced this past weekend and our single "Roulette" was nominated for Alternative song of the year!

If you're a member of the organization or if you'd like to become one head on over to the site and throw a vote our way.

That being said we just wanted to give you some background on what this organization does:
(1) raising public awareness of the need to preserve and support the existence of music education in our public schools and other community institutions,
(2) encourage and promote the advancement of musicians and others in the Madison area by recognizing their musical achievements as well as the achievements of outstanding music students and music educators, and
(3) provide promotional support for the Madison music economy as a whole. MAMA, Inc. seeks to establish three other annual events to further carry out its charitable mission and to keep the awareness of the need for music education in the public eye year-round.

Even if you don't want to vote, consider making a donation to help music education in our public schools.

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