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Lorenzo's Music on Reset Radio in Italy

We've recently been featured on an Italian based internet radio website Reset Radio, along with a great article about the band by the sites owner Marco!

This is what he had to say about our two recently released singles:
"Just Had To Let You Know": features a country guitar mantra and a wave pattern in the verses and breaks out in the chorus. The text is cryptic emphasizing the inability to decide what you really want in life despite everything.
- "Roulette" the song plays with Jimi Hendrix's initial approach and then throws himself on the Modest Mouse preparing an unusual chorus when Tom jumps from right to left just as the ball of the roulette at the casino in the text that is a sad metaphor for the case and that in turn serves to give a name to the 'inability to control our lives.
The article is in italian but if you aren't able to read that you can check out the english translated version here.
(click this link to listen to the broadcast on the top left of the page.)

Our latest song

Lorenzo's Music "Rainy day friction" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music Click here to listen


This work by Lorenzo's Music is licensed under creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0