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Bootleg Audio from Local Love Fest - Live @ High Noon Saloon Feb 11, 2011

Download the whole album from the link in the player.

This is a bootleg recording of our set from the "Local Love Fest" show. It's an event where several bands from Madison WI got together one night to cover songs by other Madison bands.

We got ourselves a copy someone made of it and decided that we would let you get your own copy... Free!
I mean why not really?
We'll bring it to you since you might not have been able to get there yourself.

Most of the songs are originals, but we did cover a few of our favorites that made it on to this recording.
Those songs are:
Track 3 - Dust and Shadows by Ladybeard (the singer joins us on stage and plays tambourine)
Track 10 - H-Bomb by The Skintones

I'm told that this recording was made on a TASCAM digital recorder that was placed on the stage.

Happy bootlegging!
And if you're gonna do it, why not share it with your friends?

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