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How a liquor store sign became our last album cover

Surprising i know. But here's a little story about how our last album cover was inspired by a liquor store sign from Las Vegas, Nevada (it's not as exciting as it sounds).

Mark and I were putting the finishing touches on the album that is now our BAZAR release. We wanted something that was like a bright neon corner of nowhere sign. So we went to Flickr and put in our keywords. Turns out Roadsidepictures, a guy that I already follow had the best stuff.

One of his pics in his signs set was of a liquor store called "Charleston Bazar".
Charleston Bazar

We liked that it was the same concept as our Solamente Tres Palabras album cover but a different take on it. The Solamente cover was a lone street light poking out in a blue natural gradient sky. This picture was a neon light at night doing what it does-- burning it's message in the dark, offering a promise of who knows what'll happen tonight.

I drew up a version of it with our name in the sign to make it look like a neon sign but it never panned out just right. So I made a really gritty version of it and screen printed it to look like one of those old punk rock flyers where they would just draw and paste words on a page.
Except unlike those old flyers, ours was 3 colored.

Our latest song

Lorenzo's Music "Friction called quest" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music. Click here to listen


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