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Are albums really necessary anymore?

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I ask this question because we've been recording and mixing tracks for our new release, and sometimes while we're doing that we'll come up with a new idea for another song and end up spending the rest of our night working on that. The problem is, that new idea gets left at just that for the time being --an idea. Mainly because the next time we get together it's back to working on the songs for the album.

Now the other matter is that when we do finish one song for the album it sits and waits as we record, mix and master the next song for the album. And while we work on that... more and more songs wait for this whole process to end so they can all be released together.

One night we we're talking about how we release all of our stuff digitally anyway. So, why do we need to wait to release these songs?

In an internet world we think that indie bands like ourselves do not need to release songs in an old industry standard format. Why not treat the website as a label?

What we've decided to do is, just release our songs as singles on the website as we write them. After we've got a good number of them we might just put them out as a physical release, like a cd or vinyl for a limited run to pay the bills. But there is no reason we shouldn't just be sharing the music we write as we do it. I mean, that's the point right?

So that's our plan. Soon we will be releasing our first single from these songs.

Our latest song

Lorenzo's Music "Rainy day friction" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music Click here to listen


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