Way Out There

I finally did it.  Got rid of the Gibson 335/Fender Pro reverb and replaced 'em with a Gibson 61 SG and Star Gain Star amp.

The amp is incredibly inspiring to play, and the sound is rich, robust, unique, and, did I say rich?  When I first got it I was like 'whoa', and then I was all like 'WTF', as in, which sound should I use?  There is such a wide variety of tones available.  Finally I think i settled in on a high gain creamy grit for the main distorted sound, and the rest of the tones I need I can get with foot pedals on the clean channel.

 This SG guitar is truly a treat.  It seems to have riffs that just come out of it.  Like they are trapped inside the guitar, and when I strap it on, I just release them.  Waaay out dude?  Not.  Gotta see it to believe it.

Better yet, the new EP, due this summer, has these riffs all over it.  When it comes out, take a listen, and then you can decide and tell me if I'm waaay out there, dude.

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