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Question: Do You Think Myspace Is Experiencing a Resurgence For Bands?

I've noticed something recently... A slight resurgence at myspace.

We've used myspace since the beginning but as everyone knows it's slipped as the one stop shop for online friends and free indie music.

Case in point, the last couple of years we would get the occasional message or a post for someone else's page in our comments but thats about it. No new friends added or real conversations for quite some time. We still posted for the fans that were there so not to leave them out, but overall most communication was coming directly from our site or twitter or facebook.

But in the last couple of months we've been contacted on myspace about podcasts, music sharing and even started to get friend requests again (seriously it's been awhile). Which begs the question: Now that all the user noise has been moved to facebook is myspace more of a focus for music again?

Since most of the talk we've been having there is about music I feel that's the direction the site is heading again, but without the users will it work? You could get lost in all the users talk on their pages. But aren't they really the ones that make the difference for bands between their day to day posts?

I'm not stating this, I'm asking?

What do you think?

Add your thoughts in the comments below.

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