All our music now CC-BY-SA

Sure, we've had our music licensed as Creative Commons for quite some time now. But we've mainly used the non-commercial one. This version meant you could only build upon our work non-commercially.

Now under the Attribution Share Alike license or CC-BY-SA, you can remix, tweak, and build upon our music even for commercial reasons, as long as is credited to us and licensed under the identical terms.

This probably means more to us then it does to you. But it also means you can share our music with anyone for free and not hurt our feelings. :)

As a matter of fact we're going to help you do that right now:
  1. Choose one of the albums below.
  2. Then on the album's page click the "download" link.
  3. In the pop-up window enter "0" in the price field - or you could donate an amount if you would like. :D
  4. Enter you friends email and click "submit".
An email will be sent to your friend with a link for the download.
Although you may want to let them know you did this so they don't get confused.


Our latest album

Lorenzo's Music "Lorenzo's Remixes, Volume 1" is available now! - listen anywhere you stream music. Click here to listen


This work by Lorenzo's Music is licensed under creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0